Sunday, May 30, 2010

Recalled Crib

Love this picture of Rilyn just staring at her daddy!

So far Rilyn has been sleeping in a bassinet that is on her pack and play. Its inclined so she doesn't sleep flat on her back. We decided that this weekend we would try to transition her to the crib as its more like what she'll be sleeping on when we go to visit family.

I bought the crib last fall at a garage sale and a friend of mine kept telling me to make sure there wasn't a recall on it. I kept thinking it was a good idea but I was sure it was fine. Well, I decided to check on it and sure enough, our crib was recalled due to several deaths and injuries. In looking at pictures, I realized the defective part had been broken once before and fixed on our crib, so I did not feel comfortable moving her to it.

So, I called up Walmart and told them I didn't have a receipt but the crib was recalled, I gave them the model number and they said they would replace it. So yesterday, we hauled the crib to Walmart and the lady hands us cash for it! I thought they would replace it with one of their own, but nope! So, we then headed to Toys R Us and are going to purchase one from there.

Moral of the story: If you have a used crib, check it out before you put it up :)

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  1. That picture is it and MISS her soooo much...I can't wait to see her and you guys in a couple weeks...


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