Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This weekend my mom came up for three days -- it was so great to spend so much time with her! Matt was gone all weekend, so we had a girls weekend. Friday night was spent getting spa pedicures -- bliss!!

Saturday morning we baby-fied the house. :) We unpacked all of the things we've received so far, washed all the new clothes and toys. We got the baby's room ready because I had a shower that afternoon and we needed space to bring the new stuff into.

Its crazy to think that in a few short weeks, the crib will have a baby in it!

I'll have to post pictures when the room is complete...if that ever happens. :)


  1. So, I saw Matt at the youth workers conference last weekend. I was going to say hi to him, but then I realized it would be weird to say, "Hi, Matt! I am a huge fan of your mother-in-law, and I read your wife's blog."
    So rather than creeping him out, I just saw walked past and excitedly told my husband who he was!

  2. LOL Cara that is hilarious! I see you're from Bloomington/Normal. Are you going to the Hearts conference?


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