Friday, February 26, 2010

Final Baby Class

Last night was our last baby class. I was a little overwhelmed on the drive home. Yes, I feel more informed and it was well worth the money...but I don't feel like a pro by any means.

But the overall experience was great for Matt and I. For the most part, I knew what to expect but Matt really had no idea.

Last night's video was the most "entertaining". It showed a woman getting a C-Section after 10 hours of labor. (My worst nightmare!) She was desperate at the end, and the Dr was taking his sweet time in explaining the procedure. She finally said "Stop talking and give me some relief!" :) My kind of woman!

As they showed the incision happening, and the Dr grabbing the baby out, Matt exclaims "She's giving birth to a 12 year old! Its huge!" I just had to laugh. He was so uncomfortable.

9 weeks and counting! She'll be here before we know it. Lord, please be preparing us for what's to come!

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