Tuesday, June 9, 2009

586 Families are Waiting

These are some of the faces of families waiting for homes. If you look you will realize that these are pictures of birthdays, family outings, graduations, Christmases and weddings. They are of children that have dreams, mothers that only want to give food to their children, and fathers that have promised they will provide for their family. Each of these families has come to us asking for our help; for your help. We are asking you to help us make that possible. Right now there are 586 families who are waiting to receive homes. Without your help they WILL NOT receive them. Each of these pictures tells a story; would you be willing to be a part of their story?
~ Brittany Girle, Team Coordinator
We are very excited to be a part of Casas Por Cristo's mission to build a home for one of these families. We recently discovered that the family we will be building for has been waiting for 14 months for a home. 14 MONTHS! Its exciting to be a part of the remedy!

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