Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Completely His

Every woman needs to run out and purchase her own copy of this book "Completely His" by Shannon Etheridge!

It is an incredible read! She had me crying in the first few pages and I was completely hooked and challenged throughout the rest of it. I picked it up yesterday (yes...yesterday) at Borders and was crying in Borders! :) I've never read any of Shannon's other books so I've never heard any of her story...it was riveting!

Here's a review from Publishers Weekly:
Ethridge, bestselling author of the Every Woman's Battle series, begins this book on God's limitless love by recounting the horrific moment when she accidentally killed a woman while behind the wheel. Ethridge's vivid memory of the sorrow she caused as a new teen driver doesn't stop at the tragedy's harrowing details but focuses on the amazingly gracious forgiveness and affirmation she received from the victim's spouse. So sets the stage for this guide where Ethridge uses generous portions of scripture to convince doubt-ridden, wounded women of their intrinsic worth to God. To demonstrate, she draws upon the spiritual metaphor of a love relationship: falling in love, a tender proposal, the forsaking of all others, love languages, wedding surprises and the tossing of the bouquet. Particularly poignant is when she shares her personal epiphany that God had transformed her greatest stumbling block—that of her previous sexual sins—into the vehicle for demonstrating how God had changed her. Ethridge challenges women to accept the "wedding" gifts from a loving God who offers redemption from the past, resurrection power for today and a heavenly home in eternity. While the book is engaging and soulful, many of Ethridge's personal accounts have been published elsewhere and might feel stale to some loyal readers.

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