Monday, October 27, 2008

Redefining Vogue

I haven't posted in a while just because life has been awesome and non stop (as usual).  With the job change I have felt a new lease on life.  My house is clean, I'm keeping up with laundry, and I feel less stressed.  Its amazing what less of a commute and less hours of work will do to your life.  Free time!!!

But I still manage to completely fill up my free time. :)  Which brings me to this coming weekend - Redefining Vogue!  I am really excited about this event for moms and daughters.  My mom (Jill Savage) is coming to speak about the power of modesty, abstinence vs. purity (yes there is a difference), media and much more.  Its going to be an awesome day and I am really excited for moms and daughters to hear the same things and then hopefully continue conversation at home.  Open up the door for communication.  So if you are in this area I hope you will join us Saturday from 9am - 1pm!

You can find out more information by going to the Redefining Vogue website.  Online registration has been extended until tomorrow.

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