Monday, October 20, 2008

Encounter weekend

This weekend was our annual "Encounter Weekend".  This is when we have both the high school and junior highers for an entire weekend.  They are split up by age and gender and stay at different homes throughout the area.  It is a time of intense small groups and awesome main sessions.

I had the high school girls and it was awesome.  I love the deep conversations that we had and it was a good reminder of why we do what we do.  I guess you could say that it was a mile marker for me.

When I first moved up here the small groups were just becoming what they are today.  The other co-leader and I decided that it was best to just start digging into the Bible instead of have topical conversations.  How are they supposed to make it their own if they don't even know what Jesus is all about?

This weekend, it was really cool to see that all come together.  We would be talking about one scripture and someone would bring up another scripture we had talked about in the past.  They are beginning to see that the entire Bible relates.  Its pretty cool!

Once I find my camera, I will upload pictures from this weekend.

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  1. I miss that weekend! The hard work put into it, the sence of accomplishment that comes out of it, the growth of students, the binding of friendships with adults, the fun, the tears, and the center of it all being Jesus.

    These were some of my best days in vocational ministry... I'm sure the same has been true for you yet again this year. What a blessing.



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