Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Job and other updates :)

I started my new job yesterday at the church as the small groups director.  I really enjoyed being so close to home and having Matt just down the hall (although it was his day off but he was in and out all day).  

We have a big campaign coming up where the entire church does the same study and we encourage everyone to join a small group - at least for the endurance of the study.  This year is 40 Days of Love.  I have been pouring over past campaigns and trying to get at least a little handle on what needs to be done. :)  Its exciting to be doing something new and challenging!

Matt's mom was here this weekend, it was really nice to see her!  We went to a restaurant in Milwaukee called BD's Mongolian grill.  Really good!  They have a bar of meat and a bar of veggies and then a bar of toppings.  You put anything and everything you want in a bowl and then they grill it up right in front of you.  Tasty!

I am getting ready for Redefining Vogue - a luncheon for mothers and daughters on November 1.  My mom is coming up to speak about modesty and sexuality.  I am very excited about this event - we are putting together a fashion show as well!  It's going to be a lot of fun and I am praying that God opens the doors of communication between mothers and daughters!  If you live around the area you should check it out - redefiningvogue.com.


  1. Hey..did you get to see Fireproof? They have a 40 day book that goes along with the movie. It was good and it's playing at Kenosha and Gurnee.

    Hope your new job goes well. We're out of town tonight and tomorrow, but maybe next Tue. we can get together!

  2. Jason and I used to eat at BD's all the time when we lived in North Carolina. We would go there with our friends and all of the guys would see who could make the hottest bowl of food! We loved it too! I'm glad your new job is going well. Take care!

  3. Congrats on the new job. Look forward to seeing you this weekend! Love ya, Dad.

  4. We LOVE Mongolian!! We know of at least 2 of them in the area we're moving to, so I'm looking forward to that! Here you have to go pretty far to find one. We were so disappointed when we got here only to find the closest Indian restaurant and Mongolian BBQ were so far away. See you tonight!!


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