Monday, July 28, 2008

BigStuf 2008

What a week! It was exhausting but incredible all at the same time. Here are some highlights:
  • Matt's sister Haley went with us!
  • 43 kids and 8 adults
  • Long bus ride but great bus drivers (Yay Peoria Charter!)
  • 9 rooms (4 of which were infested with cockroaches)
  • 2 sessions a day full of awesome worship and great speakers
  • All of this right on the beach!
Our students were really challenged and encouraged. Some of them dug through some things going on in their lives while others gained strength to take the next step in their life.

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  1. Great pictures! Such a fun bunch of teenagers. Thanks Matt, Ann and all the grownups that went to Big Stuff!!!!

    Love you all!

    God Bless!

    Kelsey's Mommy


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