Monday, June 23, 2008

Matt's Home and 50's Diner!

Matt finally came home on Friday! I got a lot accomplished while he was gone:
  • Cleaned my house
  • Organized the guest bedroom
  • Put together a bookshelf and got a black toe because I forgot the shelves weren't attached
  • Hung out with a lot of great girlfriends
  • Put up a light (yes I did the electric work and everything - except one of the wires popped apart when I was in the final stages of attaching the light and didn't realize it until I was done. Have to go back and fix that - but after two hours I was ready to be done!)
Here is the light fixture I put up:

Yesterday was our third-annual 50s Diner at church. This is an awesome fundraiser we do for our high school students. They dress up in 50s costumes and then we serve hotdogs, hamburgers, brats and root beer floats to people from the church. 50s music plays in the background. It happens right after church is over so a lot of people stay - we had a great turn out this year! Here are pictures from the 50's Diner:


  1. Wow, Lady, you were busy! The Diner looks like it was lots of fun and I'm glad you're not on your own anymore:)

  2. Anne---The 50's Diner looks like it was alot of fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Luv u!

  3. I think most of the music was from the 60's. ;)


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