Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Christian Music Seems To All Sound The Same

Have you ever noticed that Christian music seems to sound the same? I remember flipping through the radio station and without even hearing the words, I knew it was a Christian radio station. When I first moved up north, I tried finding a Christian station, but couldn't get any in this far north. So, for two years I have gone without a Christian radio station...and I've been perfectly fine with that. When I needed my "fix" I would just pull out my ipod.

I drove down to Bloomington this weekend for Evan's fiance's bridal shower, and drove back Sunday morning, so I was missing church. I found myself really wanting to listen to a Christian radio station. I started flipping through the channels and sure enough, immediately could tell that I had found Christian music. As I drove closer to the city, it started to become Christian music entwined with static. So I tried to find a new station and came across KLOVE. I knew KLOVE existed but could never get it as far north as I live. I found myself praying that it would last until I made it home. I found it refreshing, like drinking a nice cold glass of water on a hot day. About 10 minutes from my house, it became static once again.

The last few months have been like a hot summer day for my faith. It continues on at a sluggish pace. But it does continue. For some reason, I found the much needed refreshing drink on my drive home Sunday.


  1. I definitely know what you're talking about! In California I had KLOVE and this awesome edgier Christian station I used to listen to all the time. Pared down to KLOVE when we moved to Virginia then had NOTHING in Italy! :( I was just kinda used to it by the time we got here, I guess. I still try to get my fix sometimes as well. Always seems to happen right when they're having their pledge drive though:(.

  2. Oh ya, same here and I'm not a fan of the Christian stations really. I guess probably because the one I used to get had these guys with weird voices, kind of sing song almost - yucky! Plus, I just like the music, I get enough preaching at home! But I found an online link I really like www.christianpowerpraise.net Its pretty good they have rock, hard rock, hiphop, and the powerpraise. I like them all from time to time minus the hard rock, I can't take the screaming!


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