Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I have come down with a really bad head cold. It started with a scratchy throat on Sunday and by yesterday morning it was a full blown cold. All day at work I really didn't feel well and came home at the end of the day and just sat in front of the television. Matt and I got to talking about my past colds and when we first got married. I was so whiny when I didn't feel well or had a headache. I was tempted to stay home from work, but Matt was always there telling me that I could push through and basically "Buck Up Anne!"

This cold I have noticed a difference. Yes, I don't feel well and Yes, I am not at full capacity. But, that doesn't mean that people rely upon me at work any less or that the world should slow down just because I have a head cold.

Its been a growing two years! I am glad that I have become the person I am today...standing more and more on my own two feet!

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