Monday, March 17, 2008

What A Weekend!

Hearts At Home was this weekend and it was awesome! I was my mom's personal assistant for the weekend which gave us a lot of time together. Although it was an emotional roller coaster, everything went really well! My incredible husband helped out at my mom's book table for most of the weekend, which was so nice to have his support!

One of the funniest moments was right before one of my mom's workshops, she was putting on lipstick and turned to ask me how it looked. She gave me a smile, and there was this huge glop of pink lipstick right on her two front teeth. I lost it! She and I couldn't stop giggling, which totally screwed up my introduction of her, but it was so nice to laugh with her!

The picture above is my grandmother, mom and I. Three generations!


  1. It was a blessing to me watching you and your mom walk around together and watching Jody A. and her mom attend workshops and take in hearts together!

    My mom attended for the first time this year and I got to attend a workshop with her - another blessing!

  2. I soooo wanted to go to the conference but just couldn't work it out. I'm hoping to go to one later in the year. And I'm getting a home conference kit that I can't wait to go through with a friend!
    Hey - how did the baby shower go? Did you like the baby bingo?


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