Monday, March 3, 2008

My Brother Is Engaged!

My blogging hiatus was because I ended up going home for the weekend. My brother got engaged this weekend and I wanted to be there to help celebrate...and I ended up helping put the proposal together. It was so awesome to be able to help in that way!

Evan told Julie to get ready to go out for the night (because it just so happened to be their anniversary). But instead of Evan picking her up, he sent a good family friend that told Julie that Evan ran out of time so he asked her to come pick up Julie.

So they drove to their church where a letter and flowers were waiting for her, then they went to Chevy's (their favorite restaurant) where a letter and flowers were waiting for her. Then she was dropped off at a mansion in town where we had lined the pathway and steps with candles. The door was slightly open for her to come in where the floor was covered in candles and flower petals. Evan was playing the piano and started singing when she walked in. He then read her the last letter, had her turn the page and it said, "Will You Marry Me?". The ring box was in the piano, so he grabbed it, got down on one knee, and proposed! It was so sweet!

They then went to my parents house where all of their family and roommates were waiting to celebrate with them!

Below are some pictures from the proposal:


  1. Congrats to your brother!!


  2. Wow! Good job, Evan! I am impressed! I can't believe you were peeping through the window:P. Made me all teary eyed getting to "watch," though!

  3. Yay, Evan! That is such a cool proposal!


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