Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do I Want to Hear the Truth?

I was running late this morning because I wanted just 15 more minutes in my nice warm bed. Then as I went to start the cars, I saw that there were 4 inches of snow on top of them, so I was now even later.

I ran back inside to grab my purse, was running out the door and then it hit me... I turned to Matt and said, "Shoot...I forgot makeup!" Then the dreaded question..."Do I really need it today?" What was Matt's response? Without even hesitating he says, "Yea you do...especially around your eyes."

I was so mad! How dare he tell me that I needed makeup today...especially around my eyes! I stomped to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror I saw my eyes did look tired, but that didn't matter. With each stroke of eyeshadow I was getting angrier and angrier...feeling shabbier and shabbier. Anger is ugly...and makeup can't cover that up!

I stomped out the door with Matt trailing behind me and I hear him say, "Remember that you asked me if you needed makeup." Well I didn't want to hear that either...

As I was driving to work what he said kept drifting through my head "Remember that you asked me...". I had asked him if I needed makeup. But in my mind I was asking, "Do you think I'm beautiful even though I don't have makeup on and my eyes look tired." I didn't want to hear the answer to the question that I had verbalized...I wanted to know the answer to the question in my heart...and Matt should have been able to read my mind! Or so I mistakenly thought.

The more and more I thought through what had happened, the more it hit me how wrong I had been. It was a simple question I had asked that could have had a simple response on my part...but I blew it out of proportion and caused strife between my husband and I. I could have chosen to say, "Thank you for telling me the truth" and quickly put on some eyeshadow and mascara. It would have saved me from a lot of ugliness and apologizing!


  1. Been there! I have learned to not ask unless I want the truth ;-)

    You're beautiful!!

  2. We all ask those double meaning questions.... we want to hear what we want to hear from our husbands!! But in this case, what does Matt know?!?!?!? :) Kidding!

    Debbie Wankel

  3. i prolly woulda punched him in the face...lol jk i love you and you are beautiful!!!
    haley mae

  4. I just found your mama's site and then popped over to yours. Love it! I met your mom last January and sent her a couple of my books. I think she might have passed them along to you?

    LOVE your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party idea! I MUST try it this year.

    Blessings to you and your hubby!

  5. Oh! I understand wanting to stay in a nice warm bed. I keep hitting the alarm . . . .

    Thanks for commenting and I will respond via email. :-)

    I love your brothers! I just dread the day they get to old for me and it's not cool to hang out with their mom's friend. Yikes. They make my world a happier place.

  6. You have been tagged! (You may or may not be happy about this.) Try to think of it as an opportunity to canvas your brain for truly random yet enlightening info on yourself and make others chuckle. I think it is a blogging coummunity kind of thing. I'm not totally sure what I think, but someone tagged me, so . . . . If you check out my site, I even share a magic trick that you can use to awe and amaze those around you!


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