Wednesday, December 19, 2007

To Remember Me By...

I found a CD the other day that Matt had made for me when I left for Paris. We were saying our goodbyes in the airport and he handed me a CD with a note attached. I waited until I got to the terminal to open it up and I was a mess! I started bawling as I listened to the CD and read his sweet note. It was the perfect CD! It brings back so many memories of Paris and of my love for Matt. He truly is an incredible man!

Listening to the CD made me remember back to his proposal. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote on my blog:

So last week a friend of mine asked me to go to a birthday party for a friend of hers on the Eiffel Tower on Friday the 11th of November. So this whole time I'm thinking "I'm going to a party for somebody I don't know on the Eiffel Tower" It is a gorgeous, clear night and I was so excited to go up the tower for the FIRST TIME EVER! We get to the second floor and Jen (my friend) is taking my picture and all of the sudden Matt is standing right beside her!!!! I screamed and started freaking out! I couldn't believe it! I had NO idea!!! So we were standing there hugging and I'm completely blown away and then Matt starts telling me how much he loves me and that he knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Who knows what else he said because I totally started freaking out on the inside. Then he said, "Anne Elaine Savage, will you marry me?" And of course I said "Yes!" All the people around us started to cheer and clap! I still couldn't believe he was here! I turned to my friends and said, "Is there a party?" And they all laughed and said, "No!" When Matt and I were going down the elevator this couple turned to us and said, "Congratulations! We saw it all happen! We hope you have an amazing life together!" Then Matt lifted up my hand and shouted in the elevator car, "We just got engaged! I don't speak french...(in a french accent) engaged!" I'm on cloud nine! I can't believe how many people knew about this and kept it a secret! It was the absolutely PERFECT proposal and I can't believe he flew all the way to Paris for me! September 3, 2006!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

The best part was Matt and my friends had cameras ready so I have pictures to remember it by...Enjoy!

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