Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Sleep with a Sleep Walker

Matt's mom has told me stories of times Matt has slept-walked...but I have never seen him do this for myself...until a few weeks ago. (Mind you this story happened in about 30 seconds)

It was 1:30 AM and all of the sudden I felt my bed shaking and moving. I sit up to figure out what is going on and I see my husband standing on our bed! I am still groggy at this moment, but quickly became alert when he started to walk towards the end of our bed! I yell "Matt what are you doing!?!?!" and at the same moment, he hits his head on the ceiling light and then keeps walking RIGHT OFF THE BED!!!! I ran to turn the light on and he was just kneeling at the end of the bed. I tried asking him if he was okay because he had taken quite a fall but he just grunted and crawled right back into bed.

I turned the light off and layed back down next to him, listening to make sure he was still alive. All of the sudden, he rolls over on top of me...it was at that moment that I realized he never woke up and he was still sleeping or he would have realized that no I was not his pillow...but his wife who could no longer breathe! I got him to roll back over and being assured that Yes, he was obviously alive, I went back to sleep.

The next morning, he got up to turn off the alarm and said to me, "Did I fall off the bed last night?" ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?!?!? YOU WALKED OFF THE BED! He replied, "Yea, my arm kind of hurts." Turns out, he had a dream that he was walking off the church stage, and when he fell he hit my hope chest with his arm and it scraped him up pretty bad. But at least he's alive and no bones are broken and no head trauma occurred! I still can't believe he never woke up!

He was out after Thanksgiving Dinner!


  1. That is hilarious! I mean, now tha it's over and no serious harm was done, of course. Sometimes Chris talks and makes funny noises in his sleep but he's never sleep walked off the bed before!

  2. ha ha ha I laughed the entire time reading that!! My parents stopped me on my way out to my car once. It was a fluke, though. Not sure I would have gotten far, though, anyway... as I didn't have any keys!:)


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