Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Top 10...

Top 10 Reasons I Love Being Married to Matt:

  1. He shares and supports my love of Starbucks!
  2. At least once a week, my sleep is interrupted with something hilarious Matt will say in his sleep. (like ordering Starbucks in his sleep)
  3. We are okay being in the same room but doing our own thing.
  4. He has this way of correcting me so I don't get defensive
  5. He doesn't rub it in my face when I forget someone's name. (for example -- Anne: "So is Bob going to be at this party tonight?" Matt: "I don't know about Bob, but Joe is going to be there.")
  6. He laughs for a long time at the little German children in the movie "Hoodwinked", which in turn makes me laugh.
  7. He shares the lovesac with me.
  8. He empties the dishwasher (yes he does!)
  9. I get to see his dimples every single day!
  10. Every time I lose something (and I tend to lose things often) he immediately knows where it is!

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