Friday, November 2, 2007

Baby Fever

For the last few weeks I have really been thinking about what my life would be like if we added children. There are moments when I think I would enjoy adding them to our lives...and then there are moments where I love it just being Matt and I.

I babysat my friend's 3-month old the other day and I think I've decided that we are just fine right now without our own Matt or Anne Jr.

I caught a glimpse of Funniest Home Videos Last night and there was a clip of a woman showing her husband a sonogram and he said, "What am I looking at?"

She points to the sonogram and says, "Here is a head and shoulders and here is a head and shoulders." His face went white and he said, " gave me a head and shoulders twice!" You could just see the realization just hitting him across the face...he was having twins!


  1. I was just talking with Matt about this today! Regardless of how long you guys decide to wait to start expanding your family, remember to cherish the time as just the two of you. It's awesome to become three rather then just two, but there are all sorts of things you sacrifice for that. Appreciate the quiet and flexibility while you can!

  2. I think Matt got a great dose of birth control after eating with all 3 of my children at Taco Tierra! Sometimes it's like a zoo at when my kiddos are around!! Whenever you decide to have kids, I know that you guys will be awesome parents! Did Matt tell me that you would be down here around Thanksgiving? If you are, come and see us! You don't need an invitation - just stop by! Have a great week! Melanie


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