Friday, August 10, 2007

Final Update #4

I got this text from my dad:

"Evan did a great job, but didn't get picked."

Ev, you gave it a great shot and we're all proud of you!!

You can check out some of his music at his myspace.


  1. Well, I am SO proud of your brother for going and being willing to sing in front of that tough group of judges! Maybe he'll be on TV in Jan. anyway. I can't wait to hear about his experience. Does he have a blog?

  2. He doesn't blog except for myspace and facebook. Myspace is basically to put his music out there.

    I am so proud of him too! Thanks for following along today Heather!

  3. I'm so sad! But I admire him for trying so hard.

  4. Hi, it's Carmela. Thanks for posting a comment on my blog!

    It's too bad your brother didn't make it. Hope he's okay about it.

    I was so excited to visit your site. I love scrapbooking (except I do mostly digital) and photography as well!


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