Thursday, August 9, 2007

American Idol!

Yes its true! My brother Evan is trying out for American Idol this weekend! If you think of it, be praying for his nerves and that this would be an awesome experience for him!

I just talked with my Dad and he said that they arrived in Omaha, Nebraska last night and went straight in to register. I guess auditions don't actually start until tomorrow, but you have to pre-register and have a wrist band. So they are just chilling out today. I hope to post updates as I receive them to keep all of you updated. Hopefully he will be on his way to Hollywood!

Love ya Ev! You have tons of support from back home!!


  1. How exciting for him! Fun to "know" someone who is going there!!! He has nothing to be worried about. There are some people who sing who are AWFUL, so I am sure the judges will be impressed!!!



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