Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So how long have you been married?

When we got engaged, I started a wedding website to inform our guests and friends of how we got engaged and our story. I went on it today just to see if it was still up and the first thing I noticed was "318 days since our wedding"! 318 days! It honestly does not feel like we have been married for 318 days. I can't really say I know exactly what 318 days feels like. There are days that I can't remember ever not being married (weird I know), and then there are days that I can't believe we have been married longer than a month!

318 days! I figured up today that if we were married for 50 years, then we would be married for 18,250 days! How crazy is that!


  1. Wow, that is crazy and so cool at the same time! As of tommorrow( one month before our one year) we will be married for 334 days. Man, that first year is coming fast! You guys are coming up on your fist anniversary too. Wow, spooky.

  2. Hey I know what you mean. Allen & I will be married 10 years! on August 11. That's 3650 days (plus a few for leap years) Anyway I can hardly remember not being married to him. (it's probably because I'm old and my memory is gone) haha. This year has gone fast, and I'm so glad Matt has had you to spend it with! Love ya,


  3. Delci, its wild how fast the time flies! So is your anniversary August 19th?

    Elaine, I can't imaging 3650 days! This year has gone by so quickly!!! I don't feel like I've accomplished much this year. But it definitely is nice to spend that time with Matt now!

  4. We're at 1647!:) It has always been this way for me. Some days it seems like we haven't been married long at all and others it's been forever:).


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