Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Matt and I joined a gym last month. Its actually been something I've really enjoyed! Its been character building, too! Yesterday, I went alone and had an awesome workout. But there were definitly times I wanted to give up. I figured I got my heart rate up for 5 minutes (thats better than none!). But I kept going. I'm sure I looked funny because the only way I made through it was to close my eyes and lip-sing to my iPod. I had to focus on the music, not the workout. I once read that you shouldn't listen to music when you workout, because you should focus on working your muscles...but give me a break! If thats the only way my muscles are going to move, then bring on the music!!!!!

So what do you do during your workout? Got any tips on how to keep motivated?

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  1. you go Anne keep it up. when I workout I pray.I hred that toking to someone is a goood way to. I did it one time it was good.


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