Monday, April 16, 2007

Urban Plunge

Friday and Saturday were spent serving in Chicago with about 20 high school students and 7 leaders. Half of us cooked pancakes for an elderly group and the other half helped out at a food pantry. Then, we passed out 200 lunches in a rougher part of Chicago. It was an incredible weekend of serving!

Joe talking with Alex, a man from South America. He speaks more than 3 languages and has lived all over the world! He had incredible stories to tell!

This is Fritz...a wonderful old man who moved to the US from Germany when he was 20. He was drafted into the US military soon after and ended up being a German translator during the 2nd World War! It was so cool to hear his stories!

The older man in the back towards the left, saw Babe Ruth play baseball!!!

Joe made these signs to hold up while we passed out free lunches in a rough part of Chicago, but we felt it unsafe. So, he held it up at church on Sunday! :)
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  1. im soo sad i couldnt be there.=(

  2. I had a violin "gig"... sorry.

    On Sunday night, I was deep-cleaning my house for the violin student that came over yesterday.


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