Sunday, April 1, 2007

Life Doesn't Start 5 Pounds from Now

I ran across a book called, "Life Doesn't Start 5 Pounds from Now!" and it really caught my eye. How true it is for my life! Not just talking about the weight issue, although that applies to me as well.

I thought life would start when I graduated from high school. I got to college and I thought life would start when I got married. Matt put a ring on my finger and I'm still thinking When the heck is life going to start? Trust me, I'm not to the point where I say "Kids!" is when my life will grandkids in our family for a while!!

I was laying in bed last night listening to Matt talk in his sleep and I looked around my room and kind of had one of those How did I get here? moments. Not that I am not excited about where or who I am right now, but it sort of creeped up on me quickly!

I guess I am realizing that we never arrive. There will never be a point in our lives where we have achieved all the we want to. We will never do all that we ever dreamed for ourselves. So why wait? Why am I waiting for 5 pounds from now or even 5 minutes? I should be seizing every moment and experience I have!
What are we waiting for?


  1. carpe diem!

    but reply to my post. that's the big reason that it offends me is that he's being represented as the next messiah in not an artistic way, but in a political propaganda piece, and it frustrates me. the thing that bothered me the most is that the kid really did it for a college project not to bash people and theres an uproar about it and its blah.

  2. Good thoughts! So often we are just waiting around for life to start. I remember when I was about 24 realizing that life had started!

    But with kids life sure has kicked into high gear!

    About the five look great! No need to worry!!!
    heather (paulsen)


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