Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Here is a picture of my 4th grade haircut! I haven't had bangs in years!! Gross!

Jen, do you remember when you blogged about your mullet? This is my mullet but instead I have bangs!!!

The lady cut my side-sweeping bangs exactly like I wanted them, and then I had to ask to go a little shorter...this is what happened!!!!!

March 8th update: Its growing on me.


  1. Trust me, that's not a mullet. My other youth minister has a mullet.

    (Those are all really bad pictures, but still.)

  2. OH NO! But I do have to say that it actually looks pretty cute! Bangs are coming back! You are just starting the trend in the states! And you can NOT compare that to my mullet!!!! You are still hot! Miss you!

  3. Alaina, hahaha thats a mullet!

    Jen, I pulled it back in a ponytail and Matt told me I looked european. The bangs are growing on me.

  4. You mean to say that bangs arent in anymore??? :) I wish someone told me that!!! Ive had bangs my whole life LOL
    Oh well...theres a reason I always liked the 80's style (big hair and I still use and love my curling iron!!!!) lOl
    Thanks for letting me comment :)

  5. Awww I love it!!!!!!!! You're so beautiful

    You had bangs when WE played together!!!!

    I wanna try bangs. I'm too chicken.


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