Monday, December 11, 2006

No Heat!

I come home Friday night to a chilly house, which is very odd because normally our little abode is very very warm! Our landlords worry that we will get cold downstairs so they blast the heat. Not thinking much of it, I left to go Christmas shopping. Matt calls me later to tell me that our furnace is broken, which would explain the cold climate in our apartment. Then he tells me that they can't fix it until Tuesday!! Our friends offer their spare bedroom to us, but Matt wants to sleep in our own bed. It was the worst night of sleep ever!! Just breathing cold air and having a cold nose and ears when the rest of you is warm puts you in a bad mood. I'm sorry to say that Matt got a "cold" shoulder from me that night...pun intended. The next day we borrowed a small heater for our bedroom and I baked all day so that our apartment would stay at a comfortable temperature.

Matt woke up this morning to someone banging on our door. It was our landlord telling us that the guy would be coming to fix the heater by 8:15 this morning!!! I hope I come home tonight to a warm apartment!

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  1. When I was pregnant with Faith our furnace went out, and we didn't have heat for 2 days before we realized it was dying.
    I was kind of ornary about it being pregnant and all, but Kelly grabed this tape of a fire we have and played it in our bedroom the morning you could see our breath in the air. It really lightened both our moods, and we kept refuring to the situation as our camping trip.


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